Late Again

Notice: Rehearsals are on Hold - Please stay tuned for exciting announcements coming the end of 2022.

No Chord Rustlers rehearsals currently scheduled.  Please check back for exciting news towards the end of 2022.

Bozeman/Belgrade Montana
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(406) 580-1227

Following years of touring with the Likes of The Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, and 98 Degrees, the members of Late Again have found their niche in the Barbershop Harmony world. Ok, so that's not totally true, but now that we have your attention, we'll tell you just how ordinary and unexciting the story of how Late Again came to be, really is. After years in search of the "perfect" bass, Steve Adams (lead), Kevin Mattson (tenor), and Tim Lund (bari) began taggin with fellow baritone, and brother of Kevin, Chris Mattson. It was then we discovered quickly who was the most qualified to actually sing the bass part. It was Tim. Following much discussion over multiple bowls of peanuts and bee...sodas, and singing multiple tags, we surrendered to the idea of forming an official quartet, with Tim as our bass, and becoming serious about our singing together. But what about the name? Well, considering we are constantly waiting for one of us to show up for an event or rehearsal, it only seemed appropriate. We are happy to be taking the stage together but could use your help. Has anyone seen Chris? We are not sure if he has arrived yet! So here we are...LATE AGAIN.


Awards and Achievements: 

2013 Division V 3rd Place Quartet

2014 Division V 1st Place Quartet